vendredi 4 septembre 2009

It's the data stupid !

I'm really convinced the tomorrow winners will be those who owns the datas and moreover who can analyze and give sense to them.

Think about the Internet Leaders : Google, Amazon, Wikipedia... they don't succeed because they try to sell us (even for half a cent) a right to become a member, a right to access the archives... To the opposite, they give us the fully access they can to let us move and act the way we want. But they track those movements and build their value starting from that, not to create that.

It could be helpful for all the traditional industries to think such this way, instead of trying to re-invent rarity which is a dead concept.

It could also be helpful for startups who grows through free strategy and don't know where their value is. Young entrepreneurs can't imagine how much traditional companies are ready to pay for getting the datas about their clients and understand them.

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